'The melody of life' print

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'The melody of life' print - Limited release of 100

Display one of our most popular comfort cards in your home with this limited edition print featuring unique words and a single-line illustration printed onto 280gsm off-white linen card.

"A melody is a sequenced arrangement of pitched sounds that the listener perceives as a single entity.
Much like a melody, our lives are made up of a sequence of individual moments that we perceive as one whole life. When we listen to music we do so purely for the enjoyment of it, there is no other purpose.
We don’t listen with the intent of finishing it as quickly as possible, or to see what’s at the end.
And so it is with life, we shouldn’t race through it ticking off bucket list items, we should live each moment for the pure enjoyment of it, there is no other purpose."

A4 297 x 210mm or A3 297 x 420mm