Lauren Wheeler


Cognitive Behavioural Therapist
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Lauren has been working in the field of mental health since leaving University in 2013 where she studied a BSc Psychology in the UK. During her degree she volunteered for a number of charities and also for the Hampshire Constabulary Police Force where she completed research for her University dissertations utilising Criteria Based Content Analysis (CBCA) to detect deception in alleged child victims of sexual abuse. Lauren was fortunate enough to be able to use
primary data.

Lauren then decided to complete an MSc in Forensic Psychology. During this time, she volunteered for the ‘Hampshire Stalking Clinic’ which was a multi-agency service managing offending behaviour associated with stalking. Lauren completed her postgraduate Dissertation thesis on the stalking clinic itself.

Lauren began working for a charity within inner city London in the Forensic Mental Health field. After a year Lauren continued working within the field of Forensic Mental Health, but quickly learnt that there was only so much that she could do to help the 16-25 gang nominals.

Lauren has also completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychological Therapies (PGDip). 

Lauren now works as a Clinical Team Lead for a community-based children’s service, alongside her private practice and mental health empowerment work.


Mental Health can impact anyone, even the most resilient person in the world will still have their own internal struggles at some point in their life and that is totally ok!

I have always been ardent about the needs of others, especially in relation to mental health. I know the courage and bravery it takes to seek help for difficulties and the anxiety that people experience surrounding acknowledging they need support with them. I also see the daily struggles surrounding individuals finally having to address some of the things that
they fear the most.

Despite Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) being my preferred method of treatment, my ethos is ‘human first’, which to me highlights the importance of ‘flexibility within fidelity’ and making sure treatment meets individual needs. I put the ‘therapeutic relationship’ at the forefront of all the work I do. I want the individuals I work with to feel cared for, listened to, respected and safe. I am so passionate about recovery and thrive in my work, especially when I am able to help people achieve things they have always wanted to. I love watching individuals reach their goals and enjoy their lives again. I want to empower people to share their difficulties and their recovery journeys.

Most of all, I want people all over the world to know, no matter who you are, there is always someone who will listen. Treatment is hard, I often described it like a ‘Nike Tick’, you usually go down but following short term work (pain, resistance and fear) you will experience long term gain. Once you are on your journey to recovery, I promise you that you will never look back.