Kids Emotion Cards
Kids Emotion Cards
Kids Emotion Cards
Kids Emotion Cards
Kids Emotion Cards
Kids Emotion Cards
Kids Emotion Cards

Kids Emotion Cards

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At some point, anxiety and other mental health problems affect 1 in 3 children, yet 80% never get help and the vast majority go unrecognised, only to suffer in silence.

Often children who are acting out are seen as trouble makers but are actually just unable to properly recognise, process or communicate their emotional needs.

Our brains are learning in childhood more than any other time in our lives, including forming positive or negative thought habits or behaviours. In fact, half of all the mental health conditions we experience at some point in our lives will have started by age 14.

The Comfort Cards Kids pack is designed to assist your child in becoming more aware of their emotions and give them the tools to deal with them in a healthy way. 

A range of common emotional struggles are addressed, including; Anger, jealousy, nervousness, rejection, sadness, fear, loneliness and many more.

The Kids pack is suitable for children aged 3 right up to the age of 13, with each of the 26 cards offering something for all children within this age group. Simply bring out a card to read with your child when they are experiencing one of the challenging emotions covered in the pack.

Each card features unique illustrations and colours and is printed on a thick premium 400GSM silk stock card. 

Helpful activities and techniques

Along with emotional recognition, each card also identifies ways of alleviating difficult emotions through a helpful activity or technique, ensuring your child is left feeling happy and comfortable. 

Emotion recognition & development

Comfort Cards Kids pack will help your child to recognise and process their emotions, making it easier for them to articulate how they're feeling. 


Loved by all

The Comfort Cards Kids pack is currently being used and loved by teachers in classrooms, psychologists in practices and parents and children in their homes.