The Comfortable Couch

How to raise an emotionally intelligent child

Would you say that your child has a strong awareness of his or her own emotions? Can your child detect when he or she is about to get really upset and hence knows what to do to self-regulate? Is your child empathetic and generally nice towards others?

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Anxiety in children
Just like adults, children are likely to experience ‘common worries’ and feel some levels of anxiety, for example when starting a new school or having to take a test. However, Anxiety becomes problematic when it begins to have a significant impact upon the child or young person’s life.
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Anxiety and how to beat it


is a term used so liberally within day-to-day life, but this is because it is something that EVERYONE experiences at some point. Anxiety does not discriminate by age, gender, sex or environment. It can impact anyone, anytime, anywhere in any place. Even the strongest, most resilient of people can feel anxious.


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